Lasers have transformed the treatment of scars. Today’s laser technology allows doctors to resurface the skin and smooth scars of various shapes and degrees of severity to minimize their appearance with minimal pain and downtime.
Scars affect millions of people, from adolescents to adults, and those scars last a lifetime. But with today’s improved laser technology, scars no longer need to define your life!

Are you looking for a solution to acne scarring that is:

  • Safe — minimal risk and pain?
  • Effective — for all skin types and severity?
  • Fast — results begin after just 1-3 treatments?

With laser treatments, you can minimize the appearance of scars, improve your skin texture and radiate a healthy glow.

Non-ablative Laser (noninvasive) scar treatments penetrate without damaging the surface of the skin — an effective alternative for people who want improved skin with a less invasive
treatment. Non-ablative lasers send heat into the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, which smooth out and fill in the indentations made by acne scars. Many people find the treatment relatively painless, but topical analgesics can be applied before treatment to reduce pain.